Kim Strandli
CG Artist / Freelancer

TV Documentary

Scandinavian Star

May 4, 2020

True Crime documentary by Nordisk Film and Danish Documentary, about the unresolved 1990 fire that killed 158 passengers.

Project Duration
August 2019 - November 2019
Responsible for
Lead Pipeline and Compositing
Maya, Redshift, Nuke

Working under Tumblehead, we were tasked with creating animation and graphics of the experiences shared by the survivors .
Projections were used to recreate the environments, using old archived photos from 1990 of the crime scenes after the fire.

In a short amount of time, our small team had to produce 80 animated shots, and 60 Blueprint shots. I was in charge of developing a pipeline to make the process more efficient, while remotely compositing all the shots by myself in Nuke.

A custom Python tool was made to manage the shots and batch process various tasks such as compositing setup, rendering, dailies and deliveries.