Kim Strandli
CG Artist / Freelancer

Maya Plugin

Compact Output Window for Maya

May 18, 2021
Compact and dockable output window for Maya.

Right click to show commands.
Additional features for Python-developers is available, but these may be hidden if unused.

Clear: Empty the output field.

Open Command Ports - Open and close command ports for external code editors such as PyCharm and Sublime Text. Port numbers for MEL and Python are customizable.

Reload Modules - Reload all modules of a package without restarting Maya. For TDs, use with caution.

Clear command - Use the following python-snipped in your scripts during development to automatically clear the output window before repeatedly testing scripts while debugging.
from ks_compactOutputWindow import ksCompactOutputWindow


Copy the "ks_compactOutputWindow" folder into a directory where Maya can access scripts and python plugins.
Example - Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\2019\scripts

Then run the following Python command inside Maya:

from ks_compactOutputWindow import ksCompactOutputWindow